The Word of the LORD as He gave it to me, Markita Smith, on August 3rd and 5th 2009.  Therefore, hear the Word of the LORD.




The LORD stands against Syria.  Lebanon too will be consumed with fire, for the whole earth is watching to see what the LORD will do and all Israel awaits the coming of her King.  The Palestinian Authority will see it and fear.  In Gaza, they will lose their strength.  For the LORD will cut off every enemy of Israel and bring low the pride of man.  “Yet after I have punished you and brought your plans against My people to nothing,” says the LORD Almighty, “I will cleanse you by My Spirit and take you for My own.  You will live among My people Israel in peace; you will become like a tribe among them.  No longer will the profane pass your lips, and malice will be removed from your hearts.  You will belong to the LORD God and share in My inheritance.  Yet I will keep watch.  I will neither sleep nor slumber, for the House of the LORD will never again suffer disgrace.  My temple will not be overrun.”


Lift up your voices, O Israel, and shout in praise of your God.  For your King comes to you to gently restore and wipe away every tear.  He will come as a battle ax against that nations that rise up against you.  He will deliver you in the midst of war and proclaim peace to the ends of the earth.  Though you are surrounded on every side and oppressed by all of your enemies, your Redeemer will save your life from the pit with the price of His Blood.  You will flourish as in days long passed, for your King will reign from Jerusalem and you will take your position at the head of the nations. 


“Among you even now, I am raising up warriors who fight the spirit of Greece that has oppressed you for 2,000 years,” says the LORD.  “You oppress your deliverers and belittle your judges.  Yet these are those that I have trained for war; with my Word in hand, they destroy the Western thinking that has so infiltrated your borders and devoured you from within.  Even your enemies that first promised friendship have often come at the prompting of this spirit, but now, I have raised up a remnant that stands against Greece.  You will be free My people, not just from terror but also from error.  Then your King will appear, because you are prepared to receive Him.  He will crack the sky in an instant; His raiment will seem like lightning.  At the sounding of the shofar, shift your eyes to the heavens for your salvation will soon appear.  On that day, you will be roused in battle, just as Israel defeated the Philistines when David slew the giant.  Your champion will lead the charge against all of your enemies, and then He will shepherd you, My people.  Your grain will be abundant and new wine will flow.  Every need will be met in the land, and you will be a sign to all nations of the favor of the LORD.


“From the time of My first appearance to you until this day that you hear My voice, you have been misled and drawn astray from Me.  Shepherds have taught you falsely and diviners have proclaimed lies, filling My people with traditions and superstitions that draw your hearts far from Me.  Yet there is One, Messiah that I will send, who will punish those unworthy shepherds and restore order to My flock.  Messiah will come as the cornerstone of My house.  From Him every law will be decreed, from Him every ruler will be taught, and through them all wickedness on earth will be overthrown.  He will train the leaders in the land, and they will lead My people in righteousness.  In courage, they will fight every battle against wickedness, and every man who seeks to harm My little ones will be overthrown.


“In this day, Judah and Samaria will again become one.  Israel will no longer be divided and scattered, but her people will be drawn together in right relationship with their God.  Every one who had been scattered to the ends of the earth will renew their strength.  They will forget the former things, and rejoice in the goodness of the LORD.  They and their families will return to Me and return to the Land.  When they arrive, there will not be enough room for them, so I will stretch out Israel even into Lebanon and Egypt to make room for My people.  They will all live in peace throughout the Land, worshipping the one, true God.  I will pass judgment on the wicked shepherds in Lebanon, Syria and Palestine for oppressing your people through terror and lies.  I will remove you from your positions and hurl you out of your land so that the people in these lands will be free to live at peace with the children of Israel.  They will all be one people, worshipping the one, true God.”