The Word of the LORD for the United States of America as He gave it to me, Markita Smith, on July 19 and August 6, 2008.




Fallen is the great nation, with no one to help her up.  Fallen like so many who came before her, because she has forsaken her God and forgotten her Founder.  Therefore, hear the Word of the LORD: 


“You strive for wealth, and you work for achievement.  Seek the LORD who created wealth, seek Me who gives you the power to achieve.  Make no more sacrifices to your god of mammon; revoke your covenant with the god of enterprise.  Injustice flows from your courts, righteousness and truth are despised—all for the sake of a dollar—to store up more in your vaults.  The poor are oppressed, and what little they have is lured away, so that you can build more mansions and stone buildings, so that you can plant more vineyards and fill yourselves with wine.  You accept bribes and deprive the downtrodden of justice, and you silence the righteous man with threats of retribution.


“Seek that which is right, that you may live.  Turn to God, and I will turn to you.  Surely I will bless and not curse.  I will be with you and protect all that concerns you, if you trust in Me.  A day of judgment is coming, and you know it full well.  But this day will not be a day to settle financial accounts, rather, a day to settle accounts of the soul.  Your wealth will not get you acquitted, and your false religious assemblies will not prove your innocence.  I am impressed by neither of them.  Your man-king will not be allowed to speak for you, your idols will all be silenced on that day, even the heavenly hosts that you bow to in worship will not come to your defense when you stand before your God and King. 


“Therefore, I say, awaken from your slumber.  Shake yourselves out of complacency.  Arouse yourselves to execute My will, for there is no security apart from Me.  No nation to come before you has ever survived in defiance of Me.  The United States of America is no different than any of them.  While you dine at your banquets and lounge on your couches, your nation is being destroyed all around you.  Your decadence and luxury cannot protect you from plots of terror.  Your revelry cannot rival the dedication of your enemies to bring your festivities to an end.


“In your pride you say, ‘There is no one like us; we cannot be moved.’  So, I will deliver you up in your pride to those who desire your destruction.  I have given the command that your great houses be reduced to piles of rubble.  Your lofty buildings and grand establishments will be broken into bits.  Continue to rejoice in your conquests, keep boasting in your own strength.  The day is coming when you will be oppressed by those who should not even be able to stand in your presence.


“Though you have been a great and mighty nation, I will make you small and despised.  In your pride you have said, ‘Who can defeat Me, who can stand against Me?’  Like an eagle with broken wings, you will fall from the heights to which you elevated yourself.  The LORD will bring you crashing down.  The mighty and wise men of standing will be destroyed, for their counsel has profited you nothing.  Your warriors and their commanders will quake with fear, as the plight of Israel becomes your plight.  Shame will cover you, because you stood and watched while marauders scavenged My vineyard.  You became as one of them when you decided not to aid My people.  You became worse than them when you plotted to divide My Holy City, when you profited from the oppression of My people.  You, of all nations, should never receive gain from calamities that come upon your brothers, the children of Israel.  In the day of their disaster, you entered their land and made a mockery of their trouble.  But you will receive back onto your own heads the consequences of what you have done.  As you have done, it will be done unto you.  Your allies will set a trap for you, and your friends will deceive you.  When you finally perceive it, it will be too late.


“I, Myself, will deliver My people.  My light will shine forth from Zion, and all nations will stream to her for wisdom.  The downtrodden will become the leaders, the least of nations will become the head of all nations.  In that day, you will run to her as every other nation runs to her.  The student in democracy will become the teacher in theocracy, and she will finally assume her rightful place in the world.  No longer will My people throughout the earth be scattered and destroyed, for there will be one Shepherd over them all.  He will be called the ‘LORD our Righteousness’.  At long last, My children in every land will be able to carry out My first command, to be fruitful and increase in number.  None will fear and none will hide, for all will come out to honor their God and King.  In those days, the money-grabbing, commercially-driven United States will no longer be the standard.  My holy nation will be established in the land I chose for Myself, and all the people of the world will live in their lands in safety and holiness as My light becomes the standard. 


“As for you leaders who speak in My Name:  stop following an evil course.  The nation is cursed and the people are parched because you use your authority to bring glory to yourselves.  Your hearts are adulterous, because, though you have promised yourselves to Me, you are godless evildoers who defile My sanctuaries with your presence.  I will cast you from My presence forever and bring My punishment crashing down upon your heads for prophesying by demons and leading My people to lift up idols.  Money is an idol, flesh is an idol, self-interest is an idol, and man is the worse idol of all.  You draw them to worship you, yet they do not even know who you are.  In front of them you are one way, but you are living a lie.  By the mere spirit of your sin, you encourage them to rebel against Me, and you fortify the strongholds in their souls, leaving My people in a worse condition than when you found them.  I wish that you were in Sodom, that your temples were set up in Gomorrah.  Then your wickedness would be plain and your judgment clearly deserved.  Yet, as it stands, I must uncover your wickedness, so that My judgment will be justified in the eyes of My people, and they will learn that I have no favorites.  I judge priest and people alike.


“To the prophets who prophesy lies in My Name:  stop filling My people with false hopes.  You say to those who hate Me, ‘You will live long and prosper.  You will have peace.’  Yet there is no peace for the wicked.  There is not life and prosperity, only death and destruction.  Because your hearts have hardened toward Me, your minds can only construct words that oppose My will.  Get a new heart and a new spirit.  Then you will be able to test and approve My will, you will agree that My way is right.  Do not run with messages that did not come from Me.  The Day of the LORD is fast approaching; turn My people from their wicked ways.  Prophesy truth that cuts and convicts, so that true healing may come.  Otherwise, I will burst forth like a fire, and everything that offends Me will be burned up in the flames.  Then, I will hold you accountable for your sins and those of My people that you did not address.


“Among you who call on My Name, I have indeed begun a separation.  All across the land, people are walking away from the church, choosing to no longer fellowship with their brethren.  As you grieve and mourn over them, know that I am doing a new work in them.  I will give them hearts to know Me, and they will return to Me with all of their hearts.  They will be My people, and I will be their God.  Mourn not for them, but mourn for yourselves, you who remain in the assembly of believers.  I will judge My people first, and, if the time was now, the Body would be consumed in My fire.  I have sent warnings to you again and again, but you have not listened.  My true prophets have cautioned you to turn from your corrupt and wicked ways, but you have paid no attention.  If you put away your idols and worship Me with your whole hearts, how quickly would I bless you in the land that I have given to you, how soon would I prosper you in the work to which I have called you.  Because you refuse to listen to Me, I will remove My presence from you and take My protection away from you.  Your enemy will ravage you in full view of the nation, and your nation will be ravaged in full view of the world.


“As you have oppressed, you shall be oppressed.  As you have judged, you shall be judged.  Yet, when your punishment has found its fulfillment, My hand will turn against your enemies.  I will bring the weight of their sins crashing down upon their heads.  I will repay them double for what they do to you and what they do to My people Israel.  The cup of My wrath will not only be passed to them, but to every nation that has refused to bow down and worship Me.  Every nation that has been a horror to its neighbors will receive horror from My hand.  Every nation that has laid waste other nations, will itself be laid waste.  Only those who humble themselves to cry out for My mercy will receive it.  A great day of judgment is coming upon the world, and every nation will feel its sting.  The mighty ones who have led these nations will go into hiding, but they cannot hide from My judgment.  As the flocks are destroyed, so shall the shepherds be.  The consequences of murder, oppression and terror will be felt by those who executed them, and My servants of all ages will be avenged.”



The Word of the LORD to His people Israel as He gave it to me, Markita Smith, from August 6 through September 16, 2008.


To His people Israel, the LORD cries out, “O Israel, My people, you are destroyed apart from Me.  Stop pursuing fruitless ends, stop employing useless means.  You court the favor of other nations—a treaty with this one, trade with that one—but you do not run after Me.  Let us recount our history together, recall My mercies toward you.  Your father deceived in his youth; he grasped his brother’s heel.  But as a man he struggled with Me, struggled until he received the blessing.  I revealed Myself to him at Bethel, and he built an altar to Me there.  His sons I took for Myself and created a nation to be a light on the earth.  Return to Me, you whom I dearly love; make My ways your ways.  Let dishonesty be removed from you, and rest not in your own righteousness.  I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of Egypt.  I brought you from that barren land to the land I promised on oath to Abraham.  Israel worked many years to receive his wife.  He was a shepherd to many sheep.  But whom do you shepherd?  For whom do you labor?


“I set great kings among you and exalted your nation on the earth.  Yet you turned to false gods and worshipped Baal in your hearts.  Now your sins are cleverly disguised.  You too run after silver and raise up mammon in your hearts.  But I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of Egypt.  You shall have no other gods before Me.  You have cried out to Me in every desert land to which I have scattered you, and, in My faithfulness, I brought you back.  When you felt safe, you turned from Me and decided to go your own way.  You put your trust in your leaders, your rulers and elected officials.  Yet this was not your way from the beginning.  You used to follow Me.  I led you by My wisdom; My Spirit carried you on your way.  But you wanted rulers like the world, and, like the world, you are oppressed by the pride and folly of men.  Do you not know that I have desired to transform you, to woo you back to Myself?  I will save you from death, I will bring your souls out of destruction.  There is no power greater than Me.  I Myself will do it.


“I will have compassion on you and draw you back unto Myself.  I will plant you firmly in your own land, and you will never again be moved.  The nations will carry you back to the land on their shoulders.  Gentiles will join hands with you in worship of Me.  And the nations will become the inheritance of Israel.  You will rule over those who have ruled over you, but not in pride and retribution; you will rule the nations with compassion and guide them in mercy.  Then, all of Israel will rejoice—the young and old alike will sing for joy—when your oppression comes to its end.  You will never be ruled over again.  That ancient serpent who incited men against you, who ruled the nations in jealous fury, he will be stripped of his power.  Messiah will come and capture the captor.  The accuser will be laid low; he will meet his end just like the men he used for oppression. 


“When Messiah comes, He will bring low everyone who has exalted himself in His presence.  My Holy One will cast down every starry host that ascended in the heavens.  Men who have claimed to be gods will be brought low.  Kingdoms that have oppressed, nations that ruled the world, they will all be humbled before Him.  Even in death they will find no rest,” says the LORD Almighty, “for they trampled My Holy City, they attacked My people Israel, and they had no regard for Me.  The Anointed One will make sport of them in front of all of the world, and their reigns of terror will come to an end.  Their sons will walk in shame and vow not to rebuild the evil dynasties. 


“On My holy mountain in Israel, I will lay waste the hordes that unite against My people.  They will be trampled in the winepress of My wrath on the day the Redeemer comes to Israel.  As I have spoken, so shall it be.  As I have planned, so shall it come to pass.  The world will bow in reverence, and everyone will worship Me.  All the people of the earth will enjoy rest from their heavy burdens and the yoke of slavery will finally be removed from all shoulders.  The downtrodden of every nation will find refuge in My presence; the Holy City will be a shelter for the earth’s poor.


“For Israel’s enemies, this will not be a time to rejoice.  From the time Messiah cracks the sky, until the day that the nations humble themselves before Me, there will be famine and despair for the rebellious.  The needy will be at ease, but the oppressors will be seized with terror because My Holy One comes at the head of an army.  He leads the armies of the hosts to bring down My enemies to their knees and strip them of their mighty weapons.  Then all enemies of My people will know that Zion has been established by the LORD and the earth’s afflicted will find a home there. 


“The temples of idols will be destroyed in a day, and those who served before them will mourn and lament.  The rebellious will cry out over their fallen gods; they will writhe in pain as their covenants with the idols are broken and their lands are stricken with famine.   All of their vegetation will disappear and their animals will collapse from hunger.  To save their lives, the survivors will carry their wealth on their backs and on desert caravans.  They will load up tributes and sacrifices to bring with them.  As their last resort, they will crawl humbly up to Mount Zion and lay gifts at the feet of My people.  Israel will be compassionate toward them.  You will accept their gifts and give them refuge under the covering of your God.  On that day, all oppression will end, and My throne will be securely established in Zion.  Messiah will govern the peoples from Jerusalem, and the righteous will delight in His favor. 


“Yet some will continue idolatry in their nations, but they will seek their gods in vain.  The rebellious will no longer have harvests in which to rejoice.  The sounds of joy will be silenced in their lands.  There will be no singing or music in the lands of idols, only mourners because the proud have been brought low.  For three years, these nations will lament; for three years they will be bound to their gods.  They will count the minutes like hours and the hours like days as they waste away in their stubbornness.  Their survivors, after three years, will be few, but in their weakness, they will cry out to Me.


“A specific destiny awaits the neighbors of Israel, those who have maligned and mistreated her for centuries.  The hand of the LORD will be against Israel’s neighbors when Messiah begins His reign on earth.  While the eyes of the world are on Jerusalem, the LORD will remove the wealth and power of Lebanon and Syria.  The authority of the Palestinians, those ancient Philistines, will also be stripped away, and they will shudder with fear as they watch Lebanon and Syria fall.  They all will be consumed in My fire and refined in My furnace.  The survivors will be humbled, as I rid them of their uncleanness.  When they turn to Me, I will count them among My own and they will join My people Israel.  No longer will their nations and territories stand as enemies of My chosen.  At this time, they will become clans of the children of Israel.  Do not fear, My people; they will never again flood you with terror.  You need not fear plots of violence for I will watch their every step.  The LORD your God will protect you forever, and you will no longer be oppressed. 

“There will be shouts of joy in Jerusalem.  The Holy City will shout out.  The Anointed One, your long awaited King, is coming to you!  He will bring you peace and declare peace to all mankind.  You will have no need of weapons and your warriors will find rest.  All who have fallen among you, all who have been oppressed, I will rise up to Myself because I will remember My covenant with your fathers and the inheritance I promised to you.  Your fortunes I will restore, and you will bask in the glory of My splendor.  You will be like a sparkling diadem in My hand when I boast of you to all of the nations.  All of your needs will be met and your wine will overflow!  I will send rain upon your fields and water all of your crops.  You will have plenty and live in prosperity, while those who serve idols begin to waste away.


“Their gods speak lies and offer no comfort, and their leaders lead them astray into a bottomless pit.  I will judge the leaders of the world, all those who have failed to shepherd My people.  I will remove them from their positions and appoint new leaders from among My people.  I, Myself, will care for My flock.  All the people of the world will be shepherded by Me.  Judah will set the standard.  In Jerusalem, My house will be firmly established.  I will draw the house of Joseph back to Myself and gather them from the ends of the earth.  I will have compassion on them and restore all that was lost.  No longer will they remember their separation from Me.  I will hear every cry and answer every prayer, and they will rejoice in Me.  I will strengthen them and all of Jacob’s sons will again be one people.  You will again walk before Me. 


“Receive now My promise.  The time is near for your restoration.  I have opened doors among the Gentiles and appointed men to return you to your land.  Accept their gifts of treasures stored in secret places.  I now call you out Jacob, out from among the nations.  For your sake, I have ordained men in high places to make a path for your return.  Do not question My ways or My means of providing for you, but accept the help of these foreigners to gather in all who have been scattered.  I have redeemed you with a ransom that no man can revoke.  I offer to you everlasting salvation.  Seek Me while I may be found and receive truth from My mouth.  I declared this long ago, that I would gather you from the ends of the earth.  All of the inhabitants of the world will bow before Me and all will declare that I am God.  Yet you, My people Israel, will be placed in a seat of honor when I exalt you among the nations.


“I have cared for you since you were conceived as a people.  Even now, I uphold you with My righteous right hand.  There is none like Me in the heavens or the earth.  Who can find My equal?  While the world continues to worship gold and silver, idols made of stone and wood, I reveal Myself to you and call you back to Me.  I have spoken the end from the beginning and made known to you what will come.  What I have declared will stand; My word will accomplish its purpose.  Be not rebellious at this hour; surrender your stubborn hearts to Me.  I am drawing you near to Myself and offering My hand to save you. 


“The idolatry of all of the nations will be exposed.  I will uncover the impotence of their gods.  I will avenge all of the oppression you have suffered at their hands, and I will punish your captors.  When I disciplined you, they treated you unmercifully.  When you tore off your bonds from Me, they put the yoke of slavery around your necks.  But everything that has tried to exalt itself before Me will be leveled.  When I send My destruction, they will not be able to defend against it.  Their gods will be powerless to save them.  Your end will not be like that.  I have called you out and drawn you out from among them.  Your end shall not be their end, so come out from among them, My people.  Your God has paid for your redemption.  Return to the land I set apart for Myself, so that you will not experience My wrath upon the nations.


“Sound the shofar in Zion; proclaim the good news on My holy mountain.  For the LORD will now establish His throne in Jerusalem.  Let all of the surrounding nations tremble, but My people rejoice.  For it is in Jerusalem that I will call all nations before Me for judgment, and I will judge them concerning My people Israel, whom they have attacked and scattered.  I will gather all nations to you, O Jerusalem.  That great serpent of the north, Russia—the ancient Magog—will come against you after conquering the nations in its path.  Like an army of locusts, they will swoop in from the skies, raining fire down from the heavens.  The Iranians—those ancient Medes and Persians—will attack from the East, though not with the power they expect, for I will humble them before that great and dreadful day of the LORD.  Syria and Lebanon will join in from the north with the little strength they have left.  And those uncircumcised Palestinians who surround Israel and even live among her will attack on every front.


“As the nations come together to battle against My people, there I will be in the midst of them.  The LORD’s holy army will march in from on high to defend you when you feel your hope is gone.  I am jealous over Jerusalem, and I will take pity on Israel.  When My voice comes forward like thunder, they will all cease to exist.  Every enemy gathered against Israel will be destroyed in an instant.  Then I will call forward the nations:  those who plotted against her, those who mocked her pain, those who hated her in their hearts, and those who did nothing.  All nations will I judge, from Jerusalem, according to their treatment of her.  And then, My people, you will be vindicated; then you will be avenged.


“Yet, I have a charge to bring against you as well.  Should I come and find you sleeping?  Should I come when there is no one to receive Me?  Therefore, assemble yourselves before Me.  Gather all of your people together in a holy fast.  Bring your hearts to Me that I may circumcise them.  Lay your flesh down before Me, not the flesh of animals.  Anyone who has it in his heart to sacrifice an animal will be considered unclean.  All who desire to wash their hands and outer garments will be like idolaters in My eyes.  Come to Me in truth, with much weeping.  Come to Me in repentance and humility.  Call upon your LORD, and He will answer you.  Say unto Me, ‘Forgive your people, O LORD.  Turn us back to you.  Remember your promises and your covenant with our fathers.  Protect us from this great force against us.  Let your Name not be defamed in the earth.’  Then I will arise and protect you.  I will send My Holy One to cover over you, and you will no longer be ashamed.  In that day, I will restore your grain, your wine will overflow, and you will have an abundance of oil in the land.  I will push the northern army into the sea, and send devourers to remove all of the carcasses from the land.  I will cleanse your hearts and heal your land in one, single act.  On that day, you will turn to Me.


“When your hearts have been cleansed and I have given you fine linen to wear, I will send My Spirit to minister among you.  You will feel Me in your hearts and know Me in your minds.  There will be no need for inquiry or speculation, because I will be near to you.  Before you utter a question, it will be answered.  The years of silence will end, and you will hear the voice of your LORD, at all times, in all seasons.  Young and old, male and female, all will hear from Me.  You will be parched no more, and I will work wonders in your midst, miracles as of old.  Then the nations will come and ask for judgments.  They will cry out for decisions from My people.  Messiah will lead you, but you will govern.  It will be as I had first established:  God will dwell with man and man will reign on earth. 


“Away with your complacency and laziness in your faith.  I am calling you to call upon Me and trust in My response.  I will come and I will not tarry, but you must be ready for My arrival.  You speak of the Day of the LORD with boasting; you revel in the hope of My salvation, but do you not know that I will come as a consuming fire.  Everything that stands in opposition to Me will be destroyed.  Pride stands in opposition to Me.  Self-righteousness stands in opposition to Me.  Pretentious religious assemblies stand in opposition to Me.  If I find these among you when I come, you will be consumed in My fire.  Righteousness will go out before Me.  Justice will be at My side.  Establish righteousness and justice before I come to you, so that the Day of the LORD will be a day of peace for you.  Otherwise, you will be burned like useless chaff after winnowing the grain. 


“See, your sin has been paid for; all your transgressions atoned.  Accept redemption at My hand, and turn again to Me.  Your Comforter comes to speak tenderly to you.  My Spirit longs to commune with you.  If you would turn to Me, you would receive restoration of all that has been stolen.  I would pour back into you double for all that you have given away.  The way for your return has been prepared.  I have removed the barriers and cleared out the stones.  Every mountain is leveled, every valley filled in.  I will lead you like a faithful shepherd, if only you will respond to My voice.  From the beginning, I have made it known to you.  At creation, the truth was clear.  Messiah will come to make every crocked road straight, to right every wrong done against My people.  His appearance is like the first light of dawn, blazing ever brighter until the full light of day.  He will strengthen you in your weariness and carry you when you are about to faint.  Though you are in a desert place, I will make rivers flow out from you.  Then the world will know that the God of Israel is the only God.  All the peoples of the Earth will see My works among you and praise Me for them.” 


The LORD has given me an instructed tongue, that I might prophesy to His weary people.  He has put His words in my mouth because He desires for man to hear from Him.  This is the season for the Word of the LORD to be fulfilled.  It is His will that the children of Israel would be ready for Him to act.  Therefore, do not be afraid; do not be terrified.  The LORD your God will defend you, O Israel.  You will stand against the whole world, and He will not let you fall. 


“They will fight against you on every side,” says the LORD, “but they will not overpower you, for I will grab hold of you.  You are Mine.  I will renew your hearts.  My love for you will transform you.  When you understand My sacrifice, you will receive the payment for your sins.  But you cannot receive a price for something you are not willing to part with.  You must acknowledge your sins to Me.  Not until you confess, will you be able to receive forgiveness, restoration and wholeness into your hearts. 


“You have sinned against Me and turned away from My ways.  I set a path before you, and you treaded out your own trail.  All of this disaster has come upon you because your hearts have become hard.  You disobey Me and disregard My commands.  I have set you in the earth to be My standard.  Assume your role and take your place as leaders of all of My people.  Stop hiding among yourselves, and minister to the nations!  Who is it that has driven you from My path?  Whom have you feared that you have turned from Me?  I have made you into light, but you have let darkness overcome you.  I set you as My force in the earth, but you have laid down to be trampled by man.  Is the God of Israel like their gods?  Am I unable to save?  Why then have you defamed My Name among the uncircumcised and shown Me to be weak and foolish? 


“But I will arise with power and might.  The whole earth shall witness the glory of the LORD.  Fear not, for you do not have to fight this battle.  Only submit to My authority.  Yield to My will and way for you.  I am Lord over all the earth, and I have chosen you to make My Name great among the nations.  I am highly exalted above all creation.  When you lift Me up, My perfection will reveal all wickedness.  By so doing, you will set the standard.  Yet, refusal to go to the nations reveals your selfishness and causes you to forsake justice.  If you harden yourselves against My message, I will not allow you to go unpunished.  Receive atonement for your sins that you may be restored to Me.  Trust in Me, and I will set you free.


“Messiah will come.  He will set up His kingdom on earth, and rule from Jerusalem.  Yet when He comes, He will serve the nations.  He will bring peace to all mankind, not just to Israel.  You must allow Me to prepare you to rule with Him.  Selfishness is the opposite of service, and fear of man will never lead to peace.  Make right judgments, according to My Word in My Law.  Teach the nations to fear Me by setting the example and raising the standard.  Trust Me and My ways completely, and I will grant you success.  All things will be restored when Messiah comes to reign.  Place your hope in Me, because He is soon to come.”


So I said, “O Sovereign LORD, who will believe this message?  To whom can I give warning?”

The LORD replied to me, “Walk the streets of Jerusalem and proclaim this message to all who would hear it.  Proclaim it to the banker and teacher.  Proclaim it to the student and doctor.  Proclaim it to the young and old, the wealthy and poor.  Speak to the elders who have thrown off My yoke.  Speak to the leaders who have forsaken My words.  Speak to the youth who run after false gods and do not know Me in their hearts.  They have not heard My voice and swear that I will not come.  They have not called upon Me for fear that I will not appear.  Many have exchanged faith in My covenant for hope in their works.  Yet I will not dwell among works, but only with him who is contrite in heart and lowly in spirit.  He will hear this message.  He will take warning.  His understanding I will open; his ears will hear. 


“Sound the trumpet in My land.  Blow the shofar from the mountaintops.  Declare to My people Israel that the day of My coming to her is at hand.  Heal her wounds; test her ways that she will be prepared for My appearance.  For the LORD has not rejected her.  I will call her to Myself in the face of all nations.  I will restore her ancient paths and give her rest.  Remove the stones in her way and make level all her streets that she may crawl to Me through her desert.  Then I will take her by hand and lift her up. 


“O My people, mourn and wail before Me as I mourned for My only Son who entered death within you.  Yet death could not hold Him, and it is He that I will send to you.  The Destroyer can not stand before Him.  The Evil One quakes in His presence.  The very one you have cowered before, he will be brought low before you.  You will dance on his head and spit on his grave, as I remove all defilement and oppression from your land.  He will be destroyed in fire, and you will be forever purged.  The trickster who lured you into Baal worship, the one who manipulated Ephraim out of his birthright, this one will be destroyed forever.  He drew you to the calf idols.  He enticed you to ask for a king.  He compared you with the nations and put envy in your hearts.  But the LORD your God brought you back, time and time again.  I have ransomed you from the grave.  Death has no hold on you. 


“I will come in to you like the sun in the east and shine My glory upon you.  I will forgive all your sins and receive the fruit of your lips.  Every idol you have lifted up in your hearts, you will cast down before Me.  I will heal all of your unfaithfulness and turn My anger away from you.  My perfect love will rain down upon you, and you will love me freely in your hearts.  I will restore the olive tree I planted for Myself.  Its roots will grow deep and it will blossom from My nourishment.  Then all nations will sit under its shade, and I will make you fruitful.  Then you will say to Me, ‘Our LORD, your ways are right.  All your paths are righteous.’  You will be wise and discerning; understanding will live with you.  No longer will anything make you stumble, and your perception will not be closed off. 


“I will give you one righteous and holy Shepherd.  One from the house of David, and He alone will rule over you.  He will protect you from the cold at night and the heat by day, and you will have no reason to be afraid.  All who are lost, He will fervently seek out.  Not one of you from any tribe will be missing.  In these days to come, you will no longer swear by the God who brought you out from Egypt, but you will swear by the LORD who gathered you from the four corners of the Earth, made you again into one people, with one Shepherd over you.  There is no Shepherd like Him; He will teach you My ways and lead you into all understanding, and great will be your peace, to the end of all time,” says the LORD your God.