The Word of the LORD for the United States of America and Israel

as He gave it to me, Markita Smith, on July 15th and 16th, 2009




Two spirits have waged war against each other in the heavenlies:  the spirit of Babylon (the great prostitute and adulteress) and the spirit of the destroyer (the beast and anti-Messiah).  These two spirits war for the souls of the peoples on the earth.  The spirit of Babylon has wooed many with her treasures of gold and silver; she has gained the loyalties of earth’s people through the promise of her illicit pleasures.  With the riches she has amassed, she has laid waste much of the earth and bartered men for more wealth.  But the spirit of the beast hates the prostitute (Rev. 17:16) because she can never fully conquer the world and possess the kingdoms of men for the kingdom of darkness.  Instead, she lulls the powerful into a drunken stupor and fattens the wealthy on choice foods; with the spirit of Babylon in control, power only changes hands from one greedy ruler to the next. 

The spirit of the anti-Messiah has studied Babylon and many other spirits over the millennia, leading this spirit to believe that it can successfully conquer all of the earth and hand it over to the dragon, that ancient accuser of the brethren (Satan).  The beast has left its lair; the destroyer wreaks havoc throughout the land.  This spirit walks in violence to gain submission through terror, it speaks boastful lies to lure men by the pride of their hearts, and it is poised for world conquest (see Revelation 13:2 and Daniel 7:2-7).

In light of all this, hear the word of the LORD, “Flee from Babylon; run away from her that you will not share in her sins and receive the punishment ordained for her.  I call not for a physical exodus but a spiritual separation.  Babylon is the pride of man and love of this life.  Babylon is the great prostitute, as she lures my people—both Christians and Jews—to sell their souls for material gain and turn their backs on their God to build their own kingdoms.  Babylon is not one nation, but a spirit that has invaded many nations.  My people, you must separate yourselves, because great judgment is coming against her.

“The enemy used Babylon to lull my people into complacency and get them addicted to the things of this world, for a time.  But the time of Babylon is almost up, and the dragon plans to cash in on all of his covenants by turning Babylon’s lovers over to the beast for annihilation.  If you have not committed adultery with Babylon, the beast will have no power over you.  However, those who have filled their mouths with her delicacies and continue to cry out for more will be ravaged when the destroyer prowls through your land.”

Just as many nations have been infected by Babylon, so too have many nations been infiltrated by the beast.  This spirit lies in wait in nations throughout the world, including the United States and Israel.  There are major terrorist attacks currently planned for US soil and the Holy Land, with the impetus for these attacks in Iran.  I heard in the heavenlies, “Elam will attack.  Media will lay siege.”  These places are ancient cities located in present-day Iran.  Though the spirit of the destroyer does not only operate in Iran, the current president and much of the government of Iran has made a covenant with this spirit.  There are many other nations that will be involved in this end-time struggle.  However, both the United States and Israel should realistically prepare for attacks from Iran in the near future.  People currently living in the US and Israel will be instrumental in these attacks.

“You gather your weapons and inspect your walls, but you do not turn to me, your Maker and only Protector,” says the LORD Almighty.  “If My people only knew what would save you, you would be completely spared the despair that is to come.  Leaders of Israel, do not depend on the United States to save you.  They will experience the same fate and be unable and unwilling to help.  Your help comes from the LORD, the Creator of all heaven and earth.  And to the Gentiles that I gathered together as one people, call out to your God that My grace would cover you.  Break your covenant with Babylon; it cannot save you.  None of your

possessions, not even your bank accounts, will matter on the day of reckoning.

      “To believers in My Holy Land and in the nation that claims to trust in Me:  come out from Babylon in all of your ways.  Distance yourselves from materialism, greed and selfishness.  Allow Me to cleanse your hearts and set your eyes on things above.  Then you will be spared.  You will have no need to fear terror at night or the arrow that flies by day.  I have covered you under the Blood of the Lamb, and the destroyer cannot touch you.  Stay under my covering and renounce the ways of the world in your lands.”

This indeed is like the days of Noah.  While the rest of the world continues about its business, the people of God—those with ears to hear—must prepare for attacks by the enemy and the great and dreadful Day of the LORD upon the earth.  For us, the Day of the LORD will be great, yet for the enemy and those suffering under the weight of his treachery, it will be a day of sadness and mourning and dread.  Let us prepare our hearts and minds for the coming of our King.  Let us call the people of our land to walk in the ways of the LORD.