The Word of the LORD as He gave it to me, Markita Smith, on April 12, 2007.




A prophecy for the United States:


An enemy is stirring, preparing to attack.  In the desert, they lie in wait for an unsuspecting people resting in security.  Iran will attack U.S. soil and Muslim extremists from ally nations will join them.  Even now they set nets for our feet while we recline on our couches and dine at our tables.  Rise up to the battle lines, prepare for the war waged on our soil.  Post lookouts throughout the land to detect that which is hidden.  Be on alert for a day of terror is swiftly approaching. 


The Day of the LORD is coming, a day when He will avenge Himself on all of the idols in this nation He raised up for Himself.  “You were not even a people,” says the LORD, “but I made you my people, that my glory might be seen throughout the world, that my words might be carried to the ends of the earth.”  Post watchmen to detect the enemy within the borders.  He lulls us to sleep, he soothes us into complacency.  “Remove the abominations found within you, and I will protect you from every threat outside of you,” declares the LORD who is God Almighty. 


A time of threshing is sure to come.  Either we present ourselves to the LORD for cleansing or He will drive us to our knees to cry out to Him.  “Which gods will you call on then, the gods of the east that seem to amaze you, the gods of comfort and pleasure, or the god of self that rules the nation?  Fall prostrate before me in brokenness, or I will decree that you be trampled upon to expose all that is within you.  Only that which is pleasing to me will remain, everything else will be blown away like worthless chaff.  Produce fruit in keeping with repentance, produce fruit for my Kingdom.  Die to yourself so that you may live for me, or you will die in self at my hand.  Everything worthless, sinful and rebellious will be blown away, but I will plant the good seed in fertile soil.”


You who make no choice, who live in complacency, you will not be spared.  God graciously gives you time to repent.  Choose His ways, learn them and obey.  A time is coming when all must choose.  Failure to decide is a decision to perish.  You cannot sleep through the terror.  Awake and clothe yourself with the righteousness of God, prepare your armor for war!  The day has come that we must fight or we will be overcome.


A prophecy for Saudi Arabia:


Like snakes in tall grass, the enemy grows strong among you.  Though you prepare to tame him, to keep him subdued, you will be overrun.  Agents of terror grow in strength and number among you.  When they band together to bring to pass all that has been threatened, they will wound you as well.  The dragon will not sleep forever.  Annul your compact with him, for he cares nothing for you.  As fire goes before him, a trail of blood he leaves behind.  This blood will be in your cities; your people are not safe.


A prophecy for Israel:


Your leaders are being herded together, yet not by an external enemy:  this is the refining of the LORD.  The president, justice minister, military leaders, police officials and even the prime minister have all found themselves in the Refiner’s fire.  In wrath, the LORD judges, yet in love, the LORD is gracious.  Look not to your weapons, lean not on your defenses, but look to your Creator.  He calls you to cry out to Him, to weep and wail in sackcloth and ashes.  Seek atonement for your transgressions and receive mercy at the hand of your God, or His judgment will swiftly come upon you at the hand of your merciless enemies.  They threaten destruction all day long.  They taunt and mock and declare your demise.  Though Iran plans to utterly destroy you and Syria prepares to attack, your God can protect you.  His stronghold no one can infiltrate, His wrath no one can turn away. 


Therefore hear the Word of the LORD:  “No weapon can save you, no alliance will make you secure.  Your allies sell you in pieces to your enemies.  Return to your God, return to my Word, and I will extend your borders and give you peace everlasting.  The land is not yours to trade; you are but tenants on my land.  Every piece that you give curses what you have left.  Follow my decrees and obey my laws, and you will live in the land in safety.  I will prosper you and protect you from harm.  Return to me in your hearts, for only the children of Israel who obey me will dwell in the land.”


Your president, Moshe Katsav, the LORD has hurled from his position.  He will be completely removed.  In his place, sits Knesset Speaker Dalia Itzik.  She will remain for only a time, and when He removes her, those whose strength was in her will also fall.  The Spirit of the LORD will cleanse His people of division, disobedience and folly.  Through unity and wisdom He will exalt you in the presence of your enemies.  The House of Israel will be put in order, either through obedience or judgment.


A prophecy for the Body of Believers:


“In vain I have refined you, my discipline has come to no avail,” declares the LORD.  “Lies abound, in word and deed, yet you use my Name to validate them.  When confronted with your sins, you refuse to repent.  It is not the sheep of whom I speak but the leaders, those charged with teaching my people.  You have broken my covenant and profaned my holy Name.  You reject my words and go your own way.  Therefore, the enemy will wage war against you.  Your hour of complacency is over; you will be abruptly awakened from your slumber. 


“I have found among you lust, covetousness, greed, sloth and pride.  I charge you with adultery as you run after your lovers; you forsake me for other gods.  Should I not punish you for this?  Yet you mock and declare, ‘The LORD will do nothing, either good or bad,’ as if power is in your hands.  You have lied on me to my people; you misrepresent my words and my character.  Because of this, my true words will be a fire to you.  They will burn off everything that is not like me, and if you continue to harbor falsehood in your heart, you too will be destroyed.” 

For centuries, the enemy has been preparing an army of extreme terrorists who are more faithful to him than we are to our God, who function more effectively as a unit than we do as the Body of Christ, and who are more willing to die for their convictions than we are to die for the Truth.  They are prepared to wage war against the people of God, Jews and Christians alike.  Our hypocrisy will leave us without allies or sympathizers in the world.  We must, through the power of the Almighty God, turn back to Him.  He beckons us to repent of halfhearted service, error and falsehood, creating a religion of tradition and convenience, division, worldliness and all manner of uncleanness. 


Our LORD created a nation, called Israel, and set it apart for Himself as a testament to His power in the world.  He established a kingdom, called the Body of the Messiah, to display His mercy and saving grace to all mankind.  We all, all of us, must go back to the source of our being; we must draw near to God, so that He will come near to us.  The holy God stands afar off from sin, but He draws close to the repentant sinner.  Regular prayer, confession and repentance must come forth, acknowledging the Lamb of God who makes it possible for us to approach the Perfect One. 


“Yet, instead of repentance,” the LORD declares, “the priests and prophets spew forth lies, telling the people only what they want to hear, choosing words that tickle the ears and soothe the unclean heart.  Repent and return to me, or your destruction will be at hand.  It is my will to consecrate you, to set you apart and cleanse you, but you would have none of it.  I have warned you, but you have not listened.  My Word is offensive to you; you find no pleasure in it.  ‘Peace,’ you say to the people, when there is no peace.  Darkness abounds; the only ones at peace have made a covenant with Satan. 


“Your sins against me are serious and will only lead to your destruction.  In repentance and submission is your rest.  In brokenness and contrition is your healing.  No more revelry before me, no more meaningless religious assemblies.  I do not desire offerings from people who have not obeyed my Words.  Give up your rebellion and learn my ways, or a destroyer will come upon you in days ahead.  Though they come from many nations, they will unite as one against my people.  A mighty army, in battle formation, poised to attack my people.  They are cruel and merciless; they will use any weapon at their disposal.  They know no compromise and fear nothing but defeat.  I AM your only defense.  Submit to my refining fire, let me burn off your impurities, or receive the fires of judgment, that are unbearable in this life and unending in the next.”