The word of the Lord as it came to me, Markita Boney Carter, from January 8th, 2003, through March 26th, 2003.I recorded it in this document on March 25th and 26th, 2003.




The Lord, our God in heaven, has decreed disaster for this nation.This will happen because we have sinned against the Lord and have not obeyed Him.The Lord will rescue those who trust in Him.He will show Himself holy to all nations through this act.


The Lord will not turn back His wrath because we have rejected His law and have not kept His decrees.We have been led astray by false gods, gods our ancestors followed.Therefore, He will send fire upon the nation and it will consume this nationís capital.When disaster comes to the city, we will know the Lord has caused it.


The Lord, Himself, has called me to proclaim this prophecy to the nation.For the Lord does nothing without revealing His plan to His servants the prophets.The Lord has spoken, and I can do nothing but prophesy.His word came to me saying, ďWitness the wrongdoings.My people do not know how to do right.Therefore, an enemy will pull down all of your defenses and ravage the land.Ē


We have been unfaithful to our God, the Father in heaven.We must return to Him and give up our backsliding.Let us be ashamed of our wrongdoings; let us lie down in our own disgrace.For we, and our fathers, have sinned against our God.We must put away our detestable idols and stray no longer.If we create a new covenant with our God and return to truth, justice and righteousness, then He will again bless us.


We must consecrate ourselves to God or His wrath will be upon us.He has judged our land and will destroy it, so lament and wail for the Lordís anger will not turn back.We are His wayward children, skilled at doing evil, not knowing how to do good.Our own actions will bring this disaster upon us.Wash the evil from your hearts and be saved.How long will you stray?He is watching all that we do, and those who would continue in their evil ways may do so to their own peril.Amidst the Lordís judgment we will discover whose will is stronger, ours or the Lordís.


There will be many false prophets before you who prophesy peace.However, a prophet will be recognized as one truly sent by the Lord if his predictions come true.The Lord will remove all false prophets from the face of this earth because they have preached rebellion against the Lord.So be not swayed by their lies told only to appease you and win your favor.For the Lord has not sent them, and they all shall perish.


This is what the Lord Almighty says, ďMy people do not know me.They will be destroyed for lack of knowledge, the people, priests and prophets alike.Because you have rejected my Word, I will reject you also.ĒBecause we have ignored Godís law, He will ignore us for generations.The more prosperous the Church becomes, the more it departs from the Lord.The people and the priests will be punished for their ways.


They will say, ďDo not prophesy.Do not speak of such things.ĒBut the words of the Lord are good to those who keep His ways.The leaders of this land will be brought to justice, you who feed upon the weaknesses of the people.When this time comes, you will cry to God for mercy, but He will not hear.He will hide His face from you for your perversions of the truth.Politicians make decisions for bribes, ministers preach for a price and prophets prophesy for money.Yet all proclaim that God is with them.


Judgment will also fall upon those who are complacent and show no zeal for the Lord.In their vanity and self-righteousness, they have brought about destruction on their own heads.The Lord knows their hearts and will carry out His vengeance despite their cries.There is no need to flee, for snares will await them on all sides.


As His agent of vengeance, the Lord will use a people who bow down to the sun in the east.They will fill the land with violence and destruction.Judgment will begin at the sanctuaries established in Godís name for they abound in sin and it is thought that the Lord cannot see it.The people honor God with their mouths, but their hearts are far from Him.Their worship consists only of rules made by men.Only those who are greatly saddened by the outrageous acts committed among Godís people will be spared.


There are those who go to great lengths to hide their actions from the Lord, but He is all-knowing and will judge them for their iniquities.These are Godís obstinate children, who carry out plans in opposition to those of the Father.They are unwilling to listen to the Lordís instruction.They only want to hear pleasant things, not Godís true word from the prophets.Because they reject the message from God, their sin will come crashing down upon them.


The Lord is not so far away that He cannot reach down and save all of His children, but your sins have separated you from Him.So, He has hidden His face from you and will not hear your cries.Blood is on your hands and guilt is in your hearts.Your mouths are full of deceit and justice is far from you.You have turned to crooked roads, and no one who walks those roads will know peace.


This nation has committed many detestable acts.However, many of these acts have been inspired by other nations to which we have looked in recent years.In our zeal to be trendsetters and leaders in the world, we have adopted the practices of peoples who have not known the Lord our God.In so doing, we have made ourselves more disgraceful in His sight than our international neighbors.Their practices have become our practices, their faith our faith.Yet we have even perverted their already unacceptable practices by adding our own sinful inclinations.Therefore, this is what the Lord says, ďUpon you, I will bring down death and destruction that will be a testament to all nations because of your departure from the Lord your God.ĒThe Lord will deal with us ever so severely because we have despised His oath by breaking our covenant.We have made other nations appear righteous in comparison to our evildoings.In our pride, we openly despise our neighbors because our sins have been hidden from sight, but the Lord will uncover our wickedness and make us wallow in our own disgrace.


The Lordís vengeance will be upon us for seventy years.In that time, those afflicted by the Lord will be overwhelmed by fear and trembling.Destructive forces will abound in the cities and there will be no places to hide.In His anger, God will bring down the nation because of men who never change their ways and have no fear of God.Therefore, seek the Lord while He may be found.Forsake your evil ways; turn to the Lord and He will have mercy on you.Repent of your sins for the Lord will freely forgive.His Word will achieve the purpose for which He sent it.


I weep and moan over the destruction of my people; there is no consolation for my soul.You who receive the prophecy will run to strengthen the defenses of the nation, looking for weaknesses to create greater resistance.However, the answer lies not with military strategies or political gain, but in the Creator who deemed it all.He calls for weeping and wailing, not pride and joyousness.Humble yourselves before Him; show respect for His power to give life and death.The Lord Almighty planned it long ago, to bring low the pride of all who would be exalted on earth.


To the mighty men of the land, the Lord will remove you from your offices and replace you with His servants, men who will keep His commands and shepherd His people with integrity.He has witnessed your detestable practices.He knows what you do in secret, thinking that He does not see all that is done.Each of you dedicated to serving your own inclinations and the sinful desires of your hearts.Even in His sanctuaries you carry on your idolatry. Therefore the Lord will deal with you all in His anger; He will not spare you.Your cries for mercy will fall upon deaf ears.


To the shepherds who have been given charge over the Lordís flock, He will severely punish you for leading His people astray.You have not cared for His flock.Instead, you have driven them far from Him.The Lord, Himself, we gather His people to Him; He will place shepherds over them who will care for them and lead them in the ways of the Lord.


The prophets also lead His people astray.They prophesy by the stars and the moon and live secret, sinful lives.Neither priest nor prophet admonish the people, instead they strengthen the case for sinfulness.Therefore, this is what the Lord says, ďDo not listen to those prophesying lies to you.They speak things from their own minds, only what you want to hear.Their words lead not to salvation but to death.These prophets have not stood in my council, yet they come forward with their message.Had they inquired of me, they would speak words that would admonish my people.Ē


The Lord will bring His punishment upon all He sees to deserve it.Terror awaits and those who would run will have no place to hide.Cities will lie desolate and there will be no joy in the streets.This will be true for the people and their leaders, in the church and throughout the nation.Godís will be done, so that the strong will honor Him and the ruthless nations will revere Him.Terror will come from a desert land.Those who boasted in this nation and in it placed their trust will be put to shame.There will be no allies to help, no one to rescue us.


On that day, many will lament and be stricken with fear.Their eyes will not believe what they see and their heads will hang low in distress.You will then join me in mourning for the grace granted to this nation, pitifully squandered, then revoked, only to be replaced with judgment.Oh land that I love, how have you become such a detestable sight in Godís eyes?Will we not turn back to our Father, if only to save the children with whom we have been blessed?His anger burns hot, and His wrath is set against us.Will we walk away from His extended hand and heed not His warning?Cry for the sins we have committed against God.Wail about His coming wrath, but do not forget that our own sins have testified against us.We have gladly received Godís blessings and favor.Should we not receive His discipline as eagerly?He is God, to bring help or harm.


The Lord invites us to cleanse ourselves, put all that is sinful away from us.Help those who are oppressed, the poor and the weak.Seek justice and speak truth.Turn away from our wrongdoings; choose the path of the righteous, and all will go well with us.ďI will cleanse you of your sins and make you white as snow,Ē declares the Lord.We must heed His Word and not turn away.It is within His power and will to save us from our own destruction if we just commit ourselves fully to His ways, but woe to us if we rebel.Death and destruction will come upon us swiftly.


The day of the Lord is near.He will stretch out His hand against those who do not seek Him with their whole hearts.He will punish those who are complacent and think He is powerless to help or harm.Those who compromise their faith by serving the Lord and meaningless idols will be cut off from this place.However, the Lord has consecrated His called to prepare them to be the remnant in the land.The Lord will be a spirit of justice for the remnant of His people.He will be a place of refuge, as He will make peace with them.This will complete His plan of atonement.


This is Godís message to His children, but they do not hear.They do as they please and forsake His ways.So, He will use a foreign people to bring His message.The land of peace for all who are weary will become a place of chaos and unrest.As God is our Father, should we not respect Him?Should we not be faithful servants to our Lord and Master?Yet, all we do is show contempt for His love and saving grace.His priests and ministers show the greatest contempt.They defile His sanctuary and make sacrifices that are not worthy of the Lord.He is not pleased with their offerings and will accept them no longer.Listen Godís chosen and honor His name or He will bring a greater penalty upon you than your eyes have ever seen.


Leaders are planning to increase our prosperity, to build and plant.However, this is not the time for such things.The Lord commands that we take witness to all of the vile images displayed throughout the land.How many gruesome depictions can you count?They can be found in our periodicals, on our televisions and in our minds.Why would we allow ourselves to be so drawn into devilry and all sorts of abominations?We do so because we are lead not by One who is pure and true, but by a master who knows no mercy and abhors all that is good.Do we resist these temptations?Do we fight our inclinations?No, but rather we revel in them, rejoicing in our filth, thinking, ďNo harm will come to us.ĒFor those who are unwilling to part with their vile images and turn from their wayward path, the Lord will bring down their own sin upon their heads.


There is more in the land that arouses Godís anger.Displayed in various homes, markets and shopping malls are the detestable idols of other nations.The prosperity we are working so hard to increase will be ripped away from us because the Lord will execute judgment on this nation.We will know that the Lord has done such a thing, as it will be felt throughout our land as a testament to the punishment for turning away from the Lord our God.


Godís judgment will come to pass if you do not take heed to the message sent in His name. Ignoring Godís word will mean that I, and the other of Godís servants, will be subject to accept this judgment with you.We will watch as the Lord brings forth His fury as promised, because you will not turn back to your Father in heaven.You will not humble yourselves to accept Godís plumb line.Instead, you will declare that it is all lies, and you will return to your evil ways, thinking that God is powerless to help or harm.In fact, you will use Godís judgment in your case for living in unrighteousness because God will not justify your commitment to serve your own inclinations.


When the time of Godís judgment upon this nation does come and death and destruction entangle His servants, I will cry out to the Lord.He will hear my cry, even in His dwelling place.As the earth quakes and dark clouds cover the land because of Godís anger, He will reach down from heaven and take hold of me.The Lord is my strength and my deliverer.He will hear my prayers amidst His judgment.I, and His servants, will be consecrated to the Lord, and we will teach Godís Word to any who do not know it.We will fast and petition our God, and He will hear our prayers.


The Lordís holy remnant will be a sign of Godís goodness for all nations to see. Great is His love; He will deliver His servants from the hands of death.The Lord will prove Himself faithful to those who have been faithful in service to Him.Then, He will put all of His enemies to shame and set His foundation on the holy mountain.At that time, Godís remnant of this nation shall be called the children of Zion.The Lord will then provide all good things and faithfulness will spring forth from the earth.


In years past, the Lord has severely punished His chosen people for their departure from Him and His ways.He has sent His servants, the prophets, time and time again to admonish His people, but they repeatedly refused to listen.Through His son, Jesus Christ, He extended the invitation to you to become His people and claim Him as your God.Will you now return to the gods of your ancestors, those judged for their lack of knowledge?Will you follow the path of those chosen and deny the Lord your God?For this sin, and for others, He will bring against you those you have reviled in disgust.He will turn this nation over to them for punishment, and they will punish according to their standards.In this way, He will purge the land of idolatry and evildoing, the acts we carry on before we enter His sanctuary and defile it.Our shame will be exposed for all the world to see.


Is He not God, capable of using any agents within His means to bring about peace or destruction?Then, how say you that God cannot or will not use those who do not know Him for His purposes?You must not fight God in this matter.He is the Father, your Maker, the Creator of all you survey.Therefore, this is what the Lord says, ďDo not question me as to the means by which I bring about my judgment.Did I not use the Babylonians to punish my chosen?Then how much worse can you expect for your judgment?Ē


Destruction will come to the land that I love. There will be tears and great sadness, yet God will still be God to His people.He will judge the land for its idolatry and wrongdoings, but He will bring hope to a faithful remnant.God will remain with the land, for wherever God is, hope will be there also.There have been many bad shepherds who have led Godís people astray or not cared for them, but in Godís time of judgment, He will care for them.He will place shepherds and prophets over them who will receive His message of hope, love and a future.In this time, we will be still.We will receive Godís Word and carry it in our hearts; we will teach it to our children, as we will be His people and He will be our God.


This is what the Lord Almighty says, ďI raised you up from the corners of the earth.You were not even one people, but I made you my people.I performed miracles for you in the face of greater nations, because I would call you for my namesake.What more could I do for you?Heed my warning, oh rebellious children.If you would turn back to me, I would gladly subdue your enemies and lay them at your feet.But you will not listen, you will not turn back.ĒCry out to God that He would save us.Return to Him, so that He may return to you.Listen my brothers and sisters, who are of many nations and many tongues.Unite in one voice of repentance to the Lord, so that He may turn back His wrath from us!


An enemy will come from the desert in the east.Leaders of other beliefs and their followers will rise up against us; they are cruel and show no mercy.Destruction and plagues will come to us.On swift wings the Lord will avenge Himself.Turn back to God for fear of Him.Tremble before Him.Set aside your stubbornness, and leave your rebellious ways.There is wickedness among us, feeding on power and wealth.All people, from the richest to the poorest, are greedy and go about seeking only material wealth.Even ministers teach for money and prophets prophesy for a fee telling the people exactly what you want to hear.They lead Godís people by their own authority, not that of the Lord.Therefore, the moral ills of the people go untreated.The fatal wounds bear only bandages, and you are left to die because your sins will lead you to death.


The priest and prophets fall into the same pits of sin as the people.They who have knowledge of Godís Word, fail to live by it and teach it to those who would hear.Therefore, this is what the Lord says, ďBoth priests and people will suffer the judgment of my wrath.Together they run after financial gain, together they fall prey to the traps of the enemy, and together they will perish for failure to keep my Law.ĒAll are stubborn, unable to be led by the Good Shepherd.How then can you survive, oh lost generation?


The Lord will pour out His wrath upon this land.He will seize all those who serve false gods.He will destroy those people who worship the stars and heavenly bodies.His wrath will not be turned away from people practicing witchcraft or spouting incantations.He will show no mercy to those who pray to Him and to the detestable idols.The Lord will utterly destroy all who turn away from Him and choose not to keep His ways.The Father in heaven will punish those who are complacent in their faith and think the Lord will neither help nor harm.On that day, leaders of the people will feel His wrath because of their violence and deceit.Therefore, be still before the Lord.Lament and wail for the judgment He has decreed upon this land.Turn back to Him and repent, for the day of the Lord is near!