The word of the Lord that was given to me, Markita Boney Carter, for my ENTIRE family.At His command, I recorded it in this document on November 19th, 2003.




The day of the Lord is quickly approaching.In days to come, the prophecy the Lord gave me for this nation will be fulfilled.It is not Godís will that this family would fall or be destroyed during this time of judgment, because we are counted among His people.In order for us to be prepared on that day so that we should not fall, we must follow all of His commands as outlined below.


v     Remember always that God cares deeply about our family and the relationships we have with each other in the family.Hence, we must avoid:



        A lack of love



v     To survive the days to come, we must prepare now by:

        Being wise and storing up food and water

        Taking care of our homes and establishing a secure homebase

        Working together

        Creating circles of friends in our neighborhoods to cooperate and help one another

        Taking courage to succeed no matter the obstacles

v     For us to succeed, we must do the following things now:

        Develop lifestyles of self-control and mercy

        Have confidence in each other for each of us to be who God intends him/her to be

        Bring good to one another, not harm

v     Now and on the day of the Lord, we are called to:

        Work hard and do good work

        Help poor families

        Contribute to the community

        Teach members of the family Godís ways of wisdom

v     On the day of the Lord, we must:

        Trust completely in Him that no harm will come to us, though we may suffer

        Do nothing out of fear, but stand firm in Him

        Do not try to flee or fight the enemy

        Live our lives and continue to work our jobs (unless physically prohibited)

        Pray for our enemies

v     Keep in mind Godís word to each of us individually, and immediately make all lifestyle changes for which He calls.

v     Stop sinning now, because to sin after discipline leads to final judgment.