Revelation of the Temple Vision Continued
11. Worship
Worship in the [Outer] Sanctuary—Picture 10

After worshippers have viewed the 7 Windows of the Slayers, returned to the Hall of
Repentance to be cleansed, and entered the Hall of Slayers again, they are free to
join believers from all over the world in worshipping ADONAI and Messiah in the
[Outer] Sanctuary.  The doors to the [Outer] Sanctuary are square and wooden.  
They are large, heavy doors, seven feet wide each and fifteen feet tall.  These two
doors lead into the center aisle of the Sanctuary.  Temple servants open the doors
for worshippers, but there are small wheels on the bottom of the doors to make
them easier to open.  There are, however, two more sets of doors that may be
accessed by worshippers.  They are both about 40 feet from the main doors, to the
right and left of the main doors.  Theses doors are made similarly to the main
wooden doors, but they are about half the size.  

As worshippers enter the Sanctuary, they are immediately greeted by praises
coming from a large choir in a loft above head, to the rear of the Sanctuary.  Choirs
and musicians come from all over the world to worship ADONAI in this temple in
Jerusalem.  They enter the choir loft through the Northwest or Southwest Towers,
which they entered from the Temple Servants Hallway on the second floor of the
temple.  The choir loft is built directly on top of the ceiling of the Hall of Slayers.  
From the choir loft, the choirs and musicians worship ADONAI and bless the
worshippers present.  All focus is on Messiah, so the choirs and musicians are not
seen during worship, but their sound comes forward from behind the worshippers,
over head, creating a heavenly atmosphere.

The walls of the sanctuary are made of wood and they are from 250 ft. high tapering
down to approximately 125 feet high in the Sanctuary.  The light brown wood is
carved to reflect cherubim worshipping Messiah.  There are three cherubim carved
into the first part of the wall.  These cherubim are singing praises, and one is above
the other two, directly in the middle of them.  Hence, each of these cherubim is
approximately 100 feet tall.  After these cherubim, there are nine others playing
musical instruments:  a golden shofar, a trumpet, a harp, a lyre, cymbals, a
tambourine, a flute, bells and chimes.  This scene—with 3 singing cherubim and 9
cherubim on instruments—is repeated exactly on both walls of the Sanctuary, with
each cherub standing 100 ft. tall.  

There are five aisles in the Sanctuary.  The middle aisle is about 15 feet wide.  The
banners of the Nations are brought into the Sanctuary through the main door and
carried into the Sanctuary down this main aisle in a procession to the worship area
just before the bimah (pulpit area).  The floor of the Sanctuary slants downward
toward the bimah, so that all may see Messiah in the bimah up front.  The chairs in
the Sanctuary are spaced out, so that all may worship.  The front of the seating
area is designated for elders and leaders of nations, and the worship area is full of
dancers worshipping Messiah—some with tambourines, others with flags, others
with ribbons and some with elaborately designed worship attire, to honor ADONAI
and Messiah.

At the appointed time—known only to Him—a bright light begins to glow from the
Most Holy Place through the stained glass window separating it from the [Outer]
Sanctuary.  Moments after the light has filled the [Outer] Sanctuary, Messiah
appears in the bimah.  Some drop to the floor in awe, others brim with excitement
creating an ever-increasing praise.  The singers sing and the dancers dance, in
worship of ADONAI.  After communing in fellowship with us for a while, He speaks.  
His words, though simple, are eternal—filled with guidance about living a life
devoted to ADONAI, raising families that honor Him, and leading nations that are
committed to fulfilling His will in the earth.  When He is concluded, worshippers sing
and dance some more, with Him in the midst of the celebration.  Finally, Messiah
leads the joyous procession from the [Outer] Sanctuary down to the first floor for
fellowship.  The temple servants are very careful to direct the cheerful crowd either
down the stairs or into the elevators in small groups designated by them.
12. Fellowship
Fellowship—Picture 11

As worshippers enter the area designated for fellowship and communion with
Messiah and each other, they are greeted by temple servants and seated at
banquet tables.  The banquet tables are about 25 feet long each and about 5 feet
wide, complete with beautiful dinnerware and cutlery that is the same throughout.  
As fellowship continues, some people dance, some people sing, but all enjoy a
blessed time with Messiah and with each other.  The praise dancers spend time
teaching dances to everyone, so that we may all worship together.  Messiah joins in
as ADONAI is lifted up.  After a few hours, everyone leaves in high spirits and
completely sober, having enjoyed a life-changing experience.  Though worshippers
may have to enter the foyer to retrieve their belongings, everyone exits the Temple
through the doors on each side that open up just beside the lions.  The temple
servants direct the worshippers to exit this way, because no one leaves the Temple
the same way they came in.  
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