Concerning Sukkot (aka Feast of Tabernacles) 2015, Adonai revealed last year that we should observe the feast
in Williamsburg, the city He calls “the Dwelling of the King” (  Hence,
our observance of Sukkot this year has been much more than an observance by individuals, families or one
Everything that has transpired this week has led to significant revelation from the Lord and it is culminating in the
prophetic message for the United States found below.  However, before I share the prophecy, it is important to
recap everything else that has led up to it.  

As the feast drew near, warnings of a storm were released in our area.  Other ministries canceled their Sukkot
gatherings and encouraged family gatherings under a sukkah only, for safety reasons.  However, when I inquired
of the Lord on Sept. 27th about His instructions to host worship gatherings AND erect family tents on the
campgrounds in Williamsburg, God encouraged me to proceed as planned.  In fact, I shared the revelation I
received as follows:  “God is a Sanctuary in times of trouble.  This morning, the Lord gave me Isaiah chapters 8 &
9. It is about Israel’s judgment so many years ago, but this morning He was applying it to the United States.  In this
season, the Lord is releasing judgment on our Land (Is. 8:1-8), but to those counted as His, He will be a Sanctuary
(Is. 8:14).  This is why we are tabernacling with Him DURING the storm!  Let us not be arrogant, and rely on what
we build (Is. 9:10).  Instead, let us dwell with Him in the temporary shelters during Sukkot, as He commands, and
rely on Him for safety.  This is a prophetic message for our time:  we are safer in God’s will, than anywhere else!  
For the King is coming (Is. 9:6-7); will He find faithfulness on the earth?”

I prayed for clear weather until we set up the camp, and that is exactly what God gave us.  We experienced
beautiful, warm weather on Sunday and Monday as we erected 11 tents on the camp site, to include a Fellowship
Sukkah for all of us to eat and worship under and a Wedding Chamber tent for intimate encounters with Yeshua.  
Despite set backs on the campgrounds, to include being asked to move to a different site AFTER we had erected
all of the tents, our God proved gracious, as we enjoyed His Presence and great weather.  He even encouraged
our attitude as we moved the camp, to relate to the children of Israel in the desert, and the many times they had to
set up camp and then quickly move the camp site.  It was truly a blessed revelation.

Throughout the days and nights on the campground, God continually ministered to us about trusting His character,
despite the attacks and storms all around us, to believe in His Voice and trust that His will for us is always good.  
On the evening of September 30th, we experienced the most challenging night yet.  There were torrential rains
and high winds.  The storm around us in the camp was furious!  Water began to leak into the tents, and many of
us got wet in our sleep.  Additionally, the temperature dropped, which made is wet and cold.  As we all lay praying,
waiting for the night to end, I heard the Lord say, “I touch you all with glory tonight, the glory of touching lives.”  I
understood from those words that God wanted us to chronicle our experience and share it with others.  These
storms are God’s doing.  He is in control, and He is looking for a specific purpose to be accomplished through
these storms DURING Sukkot.  

Last night, October 1st, the Lord prohibited us from spending the night on the camp grounds, though we did have
deliverance service and communion, in accordance with His revelation to us (through Leviticus 23:33-43).  All of
our personal tents were soaking wet inside, and the Fellowship Sukkah needed repair.  We repaired the
Fellowship Sukkah, and began to seek God.  He revealed, through Isaiah 4:6 CJB, that AFTER judgment has
taken place and God has restored His people, His own Shekinah will be a “chupah” and “sukkah” over us!  What a
promise!  This was not just for those of us who were there last night, but it was a word for our Nation!

Today when I arose, I sought God again about sending the storm to the East Coast of the United States during
Sukkot, calling us to tabernacle with Him in the midst of it and then saturating the area where we were with so much
rain that we could not remain there.  Out of those questions came the following prophetic revelation.  I recorded it
here as the Lord spoke it, in accordance with His command to me.

“As you have been made to leave the camp, because your living quarters were ruined, so will I ruin cities in the
United States and force her people out of them.  You will experience displacing storms and extreme weather that
pronounces the statements of my judgments against you.  Yet you will also experience attacking marauders who
will rise up in your midst and destroy the places in which you find security.  Just as in this week I have drawn you
out of your places of comfort to hear from Me in the wilderness, so shall I force many citizens in the United States
out of their comfortable places.  It is only during this wilderness experience that many of them will even be capable
of hearing from Me.  When the cities fall and the buildings are destroyed, you will seek Me in your wilderness
experience.  The wealth on which you have relied will lose its meaning to you, as your priorities shift to that which is
actually most important.  You will drop your idols in the dust, as you journey from place to place seeking refuge.  
Your pride will turn into humility when you realize that the things on which you depended are no longer at your
disposal and there is nothing you can do about it.

“I will bring trouble upon the United States.  In fact, I have already begun.  Everything on which you depend that
challenges My authority, distracts you from Me and competes for My throne in your heart and in your Nation, I will
bring it low.  Nothing will take you out of My hands during this time of judgment.  No prayer or religious act will be
able to reverse it.  Yet when I hear you humble yourselves in My Presence, when I see you prostrate yourselves
before Me, then will I hear you.  Only then will I begin to restore you.  

“The United States will not be completely destroyed as a Nation, but I must humble you before Me, that I may fulfill
My purposes for you.  If I did not bring you low, you would not be prepared to receive the coming of My Son.  
Instead, you would be among the nations opposing His Kingship.  Therefore, I must bring you low.  I must humble
you, in your self-made loftiness.  Yet after I have humbled you and separated you from everything you put before
Me in your hearts and in your lives, I will restore you.  I will restore this Nation, so that its people can serve Me.  
Those families that are displaced will be restored.  This promise will be hard to believe as you tremble in fear and
unimaginable calamities come upon you.  Yet out of these hard times, souls will be saved!  Then, I will break off
every yoke from your neck.  Not just the yokes of the people who are attacking you and the oppression of the
tragedies besetting you, but also of the devils that have used you and held you captive for years—forcing you to
fulfill their purposes rather than Mine.  When I restore you, you will have complete shalom (rest, peace and
wholeness).  The enemies of this Nation will never be victorious over her again.  I am ADONAI, the God of Israel
and your God.  I am the God who saves you!  Everything that I do and everything that I allow the enemy to do
serves the express purpose of bringing you to Me so that I can make you to be what I designed you to be.  I
established this Nation, and I will fulfill my purposes for it!  

“Even now, I seek to heal you, but you refuse healing.  I seek to cure your disease but you will not accept the
medicine.  So, to turn you back to Me, I have to remove all of your allies from you.  In the days of your disaster, the
nations that claim friendship will not stand with you.  You will learn who your true friends are, as your allies will be
limited.  I am positioning you to have no other options, as a Nation, but to turn to Me, and turn to Me you will!  
Then, I will teach your children again and rebuild your communities as they used to be.  Your families will live in
safety and fellowship in joy.  At that time, I will punish every enemy that has ever attacked you, and you will all be
safe.  From that day forward, you will be My people, and I will be your God!  

“Open your eyes and look.  The storm is coming even now to render my judgments, My destructive judgments.  
This storm is sweeping forth in My fury, and it will accomplish My purposes.  Brace yourselves, for this will not be
the last of it.  My judgment will increase right before your eyes.  As each one repents, he will hear clearly from Me
and learn how to weather the storms, until the Nation repents as One.  Those I am gracious enough to empower to
flee will find favor in the wilderness.  They will find My Presence.  They will find rest for their souls.  

“I love you, and I have never stopped loving you.  This is why I will use everything at my disposal, even forces of
nature, to bring you back to Me.  Then you will find your joy again.  You will worship and be merry, as you plan to
sojourn up to Jerusalem year after year.  Yes, you will send delegations to Zion, after I have restored you.  You will
humble yourselves before My throne in Israel.  You will process upward to see your King, and your King will accept
your delegation.

“The intercessors will find fulfillment for your prayers, as you find refuge in Me.  You will see My victory for the soul
of this Nation.  Your sacrifices have not been in vain.  You will weep as you bring souls to Me, by the thousands.  
You will rejoice as you teach them to know Me.  I will be a father to those who are lost.  I will mother this
backslidden Nation.  

“Your mourning will last for only a season, but My restoration will be eternal.  You will ask to return to Me, and I will
accept you.  I will receive your prayers and your offerings.  You will approach My altar, and you will be made holy.  
You all are My children, and this Nation is my handiwork.  How could I forget you?  How could I abandon you?  I
long for fellowship with you; I long to display My purposes for this earth in you.  

“I have sent you guides—watchmen and prophets—to show you the way back to Me.  At the appointed time, you
will follow them.  You will follow them to Me, for I have already directed them to begin clearing the path.  Nothing will
obstruct your way to Me again.  Your needs will be met.  I will refresh those who are weary.  The weak will regain
strength, and the tired will find rest.  

“I will show up among you.  I will display My power and justice.  Then I will display My love and grace.  You will know
Me intimately, and you will be well-versed in all My ways.  You will be one with Israel, and you will build a bridge of
hope directly to My Holy Land.  

“This is My Word to the United States of America, and it will be fulfilled.”—Thus end the words of the Lord.