This is the word of the Lord as He gave it to me, Markita Smith.  From February 15, 2014 to March 20, 2014,
the Lord spoke to me about judgment that is to come upon His people in the Body of Messiah and this
Nation.  On March 20, 2014, I sat before Him and recorded all that He would say.

The glory of the Lord is coming.  Let us prepare for that great and terrible Day of the LORD, the day of His
arrival.  Those who are called His people seek Him for His glory, but God’s perfect holiness demands
judgment for sin.  When the Lord comes, on His great and glorious day, who will be able to stand in His
presence?  Only those who have been clothed in His righteousness.  Righteousness begins with being
cleansed by the Blood of Messiah, but it continues in a love relationship, demonstrated by faithful
obedience.  For those who continue to blatantly sin against God, refusing to repent, there will only be

When judgment comes, it begins in the House of God.  “I have called you to represent Me before the
people, to make intercession for them, to worship Me in the picture of My holiness, but My house has been
defiled.  Therefore I must destroy what ‘my people’ have perverted so that true worship of Me may be
revived.  Recommit yourselves to My will and My ways, so that you will not have to experience Me turning
away from you in disgust,” says YHVH.

“To build My house on earth, to establish My will on earth as it is in heaven, I must utterly destroy everything
not built in My way:  ministries, businesses, systems and ‘men and women of God’ who have a form of
godliness but deny MY power.  I have given you power to enact My will in the earth, to build My house, not to
advance your own agendas and prosper what you desire to do.  You have destroyed and scattered My
people.  You have left them alone and afraid.  Now you ask Me to be merciful, but where is your mercy?  I
will gather the lost sheep.  I will save the lost, but for you who have not revered My Name, nothing is left for
you but judgment.  Turn your eyes away from people and the ways of man.  Turn your eyes toward Me, and
give Me your hearts as well.  I know your every thought.  Your secret sins are not hidden from Me.  Return to
Me in repentance, and I will return to you.  Ask Me to change your hearts, to deliver you from bondage, and I
will.  Otherwise, you will be left with an appearance of godliness that will not stand in My refining fires of
judgment.  Don’t be like the peoples around you.  You are to be set apart for Me, so be holy as I am holy.

“A time is coming and is at hand when I will restore My people Israel and build them as a nation.  Where
will you be in that hour?  Will you bless My Name for fulfilling My promises, or will you receive the curses
that you have spoken against Israel?  I am a God nearby and afar off.  I hear the thoughts in your hearts:  
mercy and grace for you, judgment for Israel.  Yet, I am a Father.  Which of you would punish one of your
children and let the others continue in sin headed for their destruction?  Any such father would have the
blood of his children on his hands.  Am I not a better Father than you?  I will restore My people Israel, and I
will unite them with those who have cried out to Me on their behalf, but My ‘children’ who have longed for
separation from Israel, spouting out curses through Scriptures at My people, My ‘children’ who have
arrogantly believed that I would allow you to sin and punish Israel with a swift hand, My ‘children’ who have
stood with the enemy to divide My Holy Land and scatter My regathered people, those ‘children’ will receive
only discipline from Me.  And if you don’t return to Me after I have disciplined you, you will only see My face
for judgment.

“My Son is coming, and soon, so don’t live life as if He will never return.  
HE IS COMING!  And when He
comes, He will be an enemy to My enemies and a friend to My friends.  Grace and revival will be upon those
who truly love Me.  Doom and fear will overtake those who have opposed Me,” says YHVH.  “He will know
who has truly obeyed My words, who has loved Me with an undying love, and who has turned to Me their
backs instead of their faces.

“Be not afraid, those of you who truly love Me, for this day of the LORD which is to come will be bright and
glorious.  Before My Son is revealed, you will experience challenges, but I will be with you.  If you are here in
the earth, I will guide you.  If it becomes too much for you to bear, I will gather you unto Me.  Yet no matter
what occurs, I will be with you.  Love not your life unto death, but love Me unto life.  As I begin to purge and
cleanse the earth, those things that are opposed to Me will be destroyed.  Remove them from your hearts
now, purge them from your lives now.  Cleanse your ministries of idols, distractions and fashionable
things, and invite Me in again.  I want to come to you, I will come to you, when you prepare a place for Me
that is worthy of our intimacy.  Invite Me, and I will come, and bring a blessing!  A blessing of shalom during
the storm, a blessing of power in your weakness, a blessing of favor in a time of darkness.  You who have
loved Me, love also My people.  Be not concerned for yourselves, but be concerned for My sheep.  If you care
for them, I will care for you.  If you make yourselves a refuge for them, I will be a refuge for you.  When they
come looking for Me, I want to introduce them to you.  Can I trust you with them?  Will you be faithful to catch
the masses that will run for cover as My day approaches?

“It is time now for every word from My mouth to be fulfilled.  Every promise I have made, I am bringing them
to pass.  I have promised destruction to My enemies, and I will destroy!  I have promised redemption for My
people, and I will redeem!  Decide for yourself which you will be.  Will you be My enemies or My people?  
Oh, how I have longed for you, with an everlasting love, but I will not even allow My love to surpass your will.  
I sent My love to you, even unto death for you, but I won’t make you receive My love.  I am sending My love to
redeem for you all that has been stolen or given away, but I won’t make you receive My love.  I stand waiting
for My people to receive and return My love.  Will you?  I am preparing a place for us to dwell together
forever.  A place without fear, without strife, without sin, but do you love the sin so much that you will be
willing to be destroyed with it, rather than to break your commitment to lies now so that sin will not be your

“In less than a year, it will begin—My judgment on sin in YOUR land.  I must judge, so that I can cleanse
and prepare the way for My Son.  Everything that stands in the way of My Kingdom must fall!  But you need
not worry, if you’re committed to me.  When I judge sin as sin and My enemies as enemies, I restore order
to the earth and authority to My people.  It will not come without a price, and it will not come without
suffering, but as soon as the cleansing is complete, I will come for those who are Mine!  Gather My sheep,
call in the lost, bring them to Me.  It is not My will that any of them would perish, nor any of you, My children.  
Turn to me NOW, while I am calling, for soon there will be silence, the calm before the storm.  This silence
will be so loud it will be deafening, but you who love Me will recognize My works and feel My presence.  
Meditate on My mighty works for My people Israel, recall My miracles for this Nation and remember what I
have done for you.  This will keep you in the times of trouble, for I will be on your mind.  Though I tarry, wait
for Me.  I am surely coming.  For the world, there will be fear, but for My people there will be freedom.  As
they have raged against Me, I have been storing up opportunities for you.  The desperation of sin and the
scourge of selfishness will result in a turning to Me on My Day.  In the Day of the LORD, I will bring My
enemies to their knees.  As they see everything they have built crumble, the survivors will come running—
some crawling—to you, asking, ‘What must I do to be saved?’  In that day, you must have an answer.  If you
turn them to Me, I will work miracles in and through you.  I will prove Myself true, and you all will be blessed
by My works.  Only, do not doubt.  Don’t doubt My love.  Don’t doubt My plan.  Don’t doubt My provision.  Don’t
doubt My Power!  Shift your focus to Me, and I will take care of you.

“If you fall into a pit of sin, seek My forgiveness quickly and tshuvah (repent and turn from your evil ways).  
Then, My mercy will come quickly.  Yet, if My people persist in sinning against Me, My patience will soon run
out.  The enemies have tried to wipe out every trace of Me in this Nation and in My House.  I am banded
from businesses, organizations, school houses and even supposed houses of prayer.  Prayer?  If I am not
there, it is only a den of robbers.  I am calling you to restore My Presence and My Name.  Don’t be
discouraged, don’t be afraid, for I am with you.  It may not be easy, and you may not see the results you
seek, but I am looking at your commitment, and I will honor your efforts.  Every place into which you
welcome Me, every place into which you proclaim My Name, I will call it My own when I come in My glory!  I
will not destroy; I will only remove the enemy’s defilement, and rebuild it as My own.”  Thus end the Words
of the LORD.