Revelation of the Temple Visions
Picture 1—Bird’s Eye View of the Temple Area

The entire temple area is 1,000 square feet and surrounded by a wall that is
10.5 ft. thick and high.  The gateways to the east, north and south are all 15
ft. wide and 20.5 ft. high.  There is no gate to the west.  The temple faces
east.  In the northeast corner of the temple area is a mikveh (though I did not
understand what it was when I first saw it).  It is 140 ft. by 100 ft. with a
waterfall flowing into the pool below.  The actual mikveh itself is 50 ft. by 45
ft.  So is the waterfall.  Twenty-five feet of steps and landings descend into
the mikveh with landings of trees and plants on them between the three sets
of descending stairways.  Hence, there is a descending stairway of 5 steps, a
7 ft. wide landing with trees and plants, another 5-step stairway, another 7 ft.
wide landing with trees and plants, and another stairway descending into the
waters.  The purpose for this mikveh is the same as it has been for centuries
in Israel:  to represent cleansing and commitment to the God of Israel.  As
people come to worship at the temple, they must first be cleansed, dedicated
to ADONAI and immersed into the reality of the God of Israel.  Immersion in
the mikveh also helps worshippers from the nations identify with Israel, as
they are grafted into her as adopted sons and daughters.
Picture 3—Sideview of the Temple in Black and White

The portico of the temple is 50 ft. tall.  The seat of the Throne is 90 feet tall and 240
feet long.  The Northeast and Southeast Towers are 170 ft. tall and 45 ft. wide
each.  The Northwest and Southwest Towers are 330 ft. tall and 45 ft. wide.  The
glass train of His robe extends 240 ft. from the seat of His throne.  The glass train of
His robe is, in fact, the place of the sanctuary.
Picture 2—Sideview of the Temple Area in Color

The temple itself is in the shape of a throne, visually establishing the
reign of Mashiach on earth from Yerushalayim, and it covers
approximately 500 sq. ft.  This includes every area of the temple itself, the
portico, the four towers, the glass train of His robe (sanctuary roof) and
the two lions that stand watch on either side of the temple.  Though this
picture is a view of one side of the temple area, the other side is identical
(with 2 more towers, another lion and a ramp up to the Inner Courtyard).  
The temple, towers and portico are all constructed from a shining blue
stone (with lavender accents—
see Picture 9).  The train of His robe (the
sanctuary roof) is made of glass.  You can not see into the glass, but you
can see out of it.  The two lions are made of a material like sandstone.  
Their eyes are spotlights that may be moved manually or set on timers, to
scan the land in Yerushalayim.  Hence, temple servants may actually go
up into the lions, which serve as watchtowers for the southeastern and
northeastern parts of Yerushalayim.
1. Cleansing and Commitment
Near the north and south gates of the temple area are training buildings, separate from the temple building.  The
North Building is for training the governmental leaders of the nations; kings, presidents and other heads of state,
along with their staff, are taken to this building to be taught to worship the G-d of Israel and come before Mashiach
in His holy temple.  The North Building is also for training the cohanim (priests) among the nations (Yesha’
Yahu/Isaiah 66:21)—the religious leaders from throughout the world who teach the world’s people to serve ADONAI
in their daily lives while living in their respective nations.  The South Building is for training worshippers from every
nation, tribe and tongue from the four corners of the earth.  Each year, representatives from the nations are
required to go up to worship Mashiach in Yerushalayim.  In these two buildings, they are trained to worship and
serve Him and to lead their people to do so as well in their respective nations.

After the set time for training is completed, the leaders from the nations are then allowed to enter into the presence
of Mashiach in the Holy Temple via 90 ft. high rampways leading up to the Inner Courtyard, also called the
Covenant Courtyard.  It is in this place that all national leaders and everyone who has come to seek ADONAI
makes covenant with the G-d of Israel, to serve and obey Him, committing themselves and all those for whom they
are responsible into His care.  This area is 150 sq. ft.
2. Teaching and Preparation
3. The Throne of ADONAI
Picture 4—Front View of the Temple

The temple of ADONAI is glorious!  The back of the seat of His throne is adorned
with a specific shape.  The picture to the left reveals the view of the design of the
back of the seat of the throne if one were looking at it from outside the temple.  The
twelve stones around the Star of David represent each of the 12 tribes of Israel.  
The order in which the tribes are represented is set by ADONAI Himself.  In the top
center is Yosef (as one tribe, not two).  To the right of Yosef (Joseph) is Levi with
Yhudah (Judah) to the left.  Now, every part of the temple is arranged from the
perspective of ADONAI, who dwells in the Most Holy Place.  The picture to the left is
the view from ADONAI's perspective, inside the temple. You will notice that it is
reversed when compared to the outside view below it.  Hence, Y’hudah is at the right
hand of Yosef and Levi at the left hand.  On the other side of Y’hudah are Binyamin,
Naftali, Dan and Gad.  On the other side of Levi are Re’uven, Z’vulun, Yissakhar
(Issachar), Shim’on (Simeon), and Asher.  

This whole shape represents three things simultaneously:
1) ADONAI, as the top of the shape, is sovereign over all.  Israel, in the middle, is set
apart.  The Nations, as the base, must support and exalt Israel.
2) G-d establishes His house with Himself as the covering.  The Nations are the
foundation and Israel is the protected treasure.
3) The eye of G-d watches all of the world through Israel, the apple (pupil) of His eye.

Beneath this symbol are the
7 Windows of the Slayers.  These are cherubim sent
into the world to slay the sinful nature of man.  These windows vary in height (41 ft,
44 ft, 47 ft, 50 ft, 47 ft, 44 ft and 41 ft).  Each window depicts a cherub slaying a
different type of sin in the life of man for the purpose of deliverance.  The windows
themselves may be seen from in front of the temple, but the detail of the pictures
can only be seen from inside the temple in the
Hall of the Slayers (See Pictures 5
through 8).

The two 170 ft. Towers in the front of the Temple may be entered into by
worshippers at the temple (after receiving training in the North or South Building).  
The entrances to these two Towers are outside of the temple.  All four Towers
overlook Yerushalayim.  The two 330 ft. Towers to the rear of the Temple may only
be accessed by temple servants (cohanim and nevi'im) through the entrances in the
Temple Servants Hallway (see
Picture 10), a locked area.
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version of each one.
Visions of the Temple
There will be great destruction in Israel and Yerushalayim in days to come.  However, ADONAI will open
the door for His temple to be rebuilt.  He has not allowed the rebuilding to begin (He and not the enemy)
because He wants to reveal the type of temple He desires, the place where Mashiach will come and
reign.  In Yesha’Yahu (Isaiah) 66:8, we see the promise of ADONAI to restore the nation in one day, a
promise He kept on 5 Iyar 5708 (May 14th, 1948).  In that same chapter (verse 1), He asks, “What kind of
house could you build for me?  What sort of place could you devise for my rest?”  ADONAI then goes on
to state the type of person upon whom He looks with favor and the type of worship He desires.  “The kind
of person on whom I look with favor is one with a poor and humble spirit, who trembles at my word.  
Those others might as well kill a person as an ox, as well break a dog’s neck as sacrifice a lamb, as
well offer pig’s blood as offer a grain offering, as well bless an idol as burn incense.  For when I called,
no one answered; when I spoke, they did not hear.  Instead they did what was evil in my sight and chose
what did not please me.”  (Yesha’Yahu 66:2-4).  ADONAI does not desire animal sacrifices from a
people practicing religion.  Instead, He wants to commune in intimate relationship with His people,
those who are humble and poor in spirit.

Though the nations come together for the annihilation of Israel, ADONAI will use their attacks to gather
His people together for refining.  He will purge from among you all manner of idolatry including
mysticism, Kabbalah, eastern influences, and religious rules created by men.  He will remove those who
profess to know the way to His heart but fail to live according to His ways.  The teachings that bind God's
people by rules instead of empowering them in a true and intimate relationship with ADONAI will be cast
down.  He will depose government officials who are not leading His people in the way He has set out for
you in Torah; those who oppress, extort and focus all of their political goals on advancement rather than
service.  Everyone who refuses to submit to His purifying process will not make it through this refining.  
However, He has set apart to Himself a remnant that will praise Him despite the destruction, honor him
with their lips and their hearts, and keep His words in Torah as a sacred guide for their lives and nation.  
Those who maintain faith in Him will see Mashiach rule the whole world from Yerushalayim.  All who
maintain their trust and integrity, He will keep hidden from the day of destruction and reveal during the
reign of shalom.  Hold tight to your faith and continue to worship, because He will establish His rule over
the earth once the destruction has passed.

Elohim is saying “Sh’ma Israel”.  Hear what ADONAI would speak to you at this time.  “Throne of Glory,
exalted from the beginning!  Our Holy Sanctuary.”  (Yirmeyahu/Jeremiah 17:12)  From 2002 until the
present time, I have received revelations from ADONAI of a glorious temple in Yerushalayim—the temple
at which He wants His people to worship Him, the temple to which He wants to send Mashiach, the
temple to which He will bring the nations in humble submission.  Prepare for unified, world-wide
worship of the God of Israel in this temple in Yerushalayim by allowing yourself to be a temple for the
Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) right now.  Revelations of the visions I received about this temple and the
spiritual significance behind each are shared in detail in this website.  Learn about the physical temple
to which ADONAI wants to send Mashiach and become the spiritual temple now in preparation for the
coming of our King.