The Anointed King wants to guide our worship of Him.  Therefore, we must allow Him to
prepare us to worship Him by freeing us from all legalism and religious bondage, so that we
will be able to respond to the prompting of His Spirit.  This is how we worship Him in spirit and
in truth.

                               Deliverance from Religion

The Blood of Yeshua atones for our sins; they are henceforth stricken from the record.  
However, we must continue to grow in Him to stop committing those same sins.  All of us
picked up habits in the world that aren’t so easy to let go: cursing, drinking, smoking,
fornicating, lying, being lazy, misusing our resources, the list is endless.  These habits are
linked to unclean spirits.  Once we began engaging in sins, we invited the unclean spirits
associated with those sins to dwell within us.  But these sins, because their outward
manifestations are so clearly unbiblical, are fairly easy to spot by us and others, and no
religious system will pretend they are godly.  Hence, we stop committing those types of sins
quickly as believers.  

Judgment, pride, commitment to religion over God, self-will, rationalization (which is linked to
delusion), and others, however, are much harder to spot because a religiously educated
person can make those sins look justified by God’s law and holy.  Convincing others that we
are not in sin is not the greatest trick of the unclean spirits associated with these sins; the
greatest trick is convincing US that we are not in sin.  Self-righteousness and fleshly zeal are
often used together to conceal and protect these sins within our hearts.  Once these types of
sins have found a comfortable place within us, we develop religious practices to feed those
unclean spirits.

Religious practices, when they become legalistic and ritualistic, feed our flesh much like sin
does, because legalism and ritualism eliminate the need to inquire of an all-knowing God and
submit to His authority at every moment.  Traditional religious practices, for a new believer,
help to keep the flesh in line (see Gal. 4:1-3).  The immature need a list of do’s and don’ts.  
Yet, a mature believer is expected to be so connected to the Spirit of God that he is able to
discern God’s will in all situations and does not need to rely on yesterday’s or last year’s
revelation to please Him.  Yet we must beware:  our flesh never leaves us and it would prefer
to be in control, rather than submitted to our spirits.  Flesh will submit to ritual, because the
spirit is not involved, but as we grow in Him, our spirits are expected to mature.  

Commitment to yesterday’s or yesteryear’s religious practices over obedience to the voice of
God every moment of every day is sin.  It is rebellion and idolatry (1 Sam. 15:22-23).  That is
how we turn religion, which was meant to restrain our sinful nature, into idolatry and rebellion.  
As mature believers who desire to go to the next level in God, we must release to Him the
practices of our denominations and individual ministries and even the rituals we have
developed in our personal relationships with Him.  Those practices are based on our spiritual
maturity at the time when we began practicing them, and they served us well.  However, to
move forward, we have to release all of them to Him, so that He can tell us what to keep, what
to let go, and what to add.  God knows what season we're in and where He wants to take us.  
So when we release everything to Him, even the one thing that we have convinced ourselves
that we must do every time to get into His presence, He takes control and leads our worship,
rather than us leading it.  This does not mean that God will not create traditions in our worship
of Him.  However it does mean that we should lay even those traditions He created at His feet,
thereby allowing Him to lead every aspect of our worship and change whatever He wants to
change.  When we are faithful to come before God to allow Him to prepare us for true, spiritual
worship, He will reveal every commitment we have to ritual and legalism.  He will then deliver
us from them in order to free our spirits to worship the true and living God the way He desires
to be worshipped, which may be different every time.