The Reign of Mashiach—Picture 12

Though many Christians and Jews still disagree on the identity of Mashiach,
it is the desire of ADONAI that we would be one in Him.  In order for Mashiach
to appear and defend Yerushalayim, taking His place as King in the Holy
City, the children of Israel must call Him, and you must know to whom you are
calling.  Though Yesha‘Yahu and Yirmeyahu, as well as other Nevi’im, speak
often about Mashiach revealing His identity, Z’kharyah (Zechariah) makes it
clear.  He is the one whom the House of David and those living in
Yerushalayim have pierced; they will mourn for Him as one mourns for an
only son, a firstborn son (Z’kharyah 12:10), for He is the only Son, the
firstborn of ADONAI.  If Mashiach comes only once to deliver Yerushalayim,
how could the house of David have pierced Him?  “When that day comes, a
spring will be opened up for the house of David and the people living in
Yerushalayim to cleanse them from sin and impurity.”  (Z’kharyah 13:1)  All of
the world needs to be cleansed of sin and impurity.  However, the house of
David and Yerushalayim must receive a specific cleansing, because
Mashiach will dwell among you.  He is coming soon!  

When worshippers enter the Inner (Covenant) Courtyard of the Temple, they
stand in front of two large, stone pillars on the Portico.  The one to the right
has etched upon it scenes from the Tanakh, in the order in which they
occurred.  This pillar is called “Bo’az”, for it was through creation and the
establishment of the nation of Israel that Elohim displayed His strength.  The
one to the left has etched upon it scenes from the Brit’ Hadashah (New
Covenant/Testament), in the order in which they occurred.  This pillar is
called “Yakhin” (Jakin), for it was through Yeshua (Jesus) that ADONAI
established His will throughout the earth and introduced the G-d of Israel to
the rest of the world.  

The Portico roof depicts Mashiach coming to earth in all of His glory and the
peoples of the world reaching up to Him.  The two pillars—the strength of
Israel and the establishment of the Body of Believers throughout the world—
both support the reign of Mashiach on the earth.  Just above the portico roof
are three large windows, about 25 ft. tall each.  These windows represent the
manifest glory of ADONAI.  In the center is Abba, the Creator, sitting above
an expanse of blue and being transported by living creatures with four faces
and four wings.  To the right is Mashiach, cloaked in a cloud tallit, with tzit-zit
streaming from the cloud.  To the left is a depiction of the Ruach HaKodesh
(Holy Spirit) as the Ruach appeared to the children of Israel in the desert as
a pillar of fire and cloud.  From the Most Holy Place (the place of the
presence of G-d) and in the Community Confession, Mashiach is seen at the
right hand of the Father.
Revelation of the Temple Vision Continued
Reign of Mashiach
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