About the Author of this Site


My name is Markita Brooks, and my personal mission is
"to unite God's people in hastening the Messiah's return".  
In working toward this mission, I serve in many apostolic
and prophetic roles:
1)  A Messenger ~ delivering messages that always originate
with ADONAI (the LORD)
a)  Through Prophecy:  direct quotes of the specific and
timely Word of God as He speaks it to her; these quotes are often written; see 2 Chronicles 21:12
b)  Through Prayer:  moved by the Spirit to pray about what God desires to do; see James 5:13-16
2)  A Teacher ~ to train God's people to serve and worship Him
a)  Through Spoken Word--trainings and sermons inspired by God and supported by the Bible; see
Acts 13:15-43
b)  Through Written Word--published writing inspired by God; see Luke 1:1-14
3)  A Worshipper--to praise God with her physical body and incite His people to worship Him; see     
Exodus 15:20-21
a)  Through Dancing--God-inspired movements that manifest what is occuring in the spiritual realm,
not as a reaction but as a catalyst
b)  Through Singing--God-inspired words of praise

As a servant of Yeshua (Jesus), I am also a servant of all of God's people, belonging to the entire Body
of Messiah.  Feel free to email me at
markita@templeprophecy.com to discuss the things of God or to
inquire about purchasing my book,
The Road to Damascus:  Transformation for the Next Level.

May ADONAI continue to bless you in every way!
I believe:
YHVH--the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob--is the Creator and the One, True God.
God is One, manifested in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Salvation from sin and death comes only by Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ).  He is the Son of God, who is fully man and fully God.  
He lived a sinless life on earth, was crucified for the sins of mankind, resurrected on the third day, is sitting at the right hand of the
Father making intercession for us and will return again to rule the earth.
The whole Bible (all 66 books, from Genesis to Revelation) comprises the infallible words of God.  It is all true and applicable today.
The children of Israel are God's chosen people, now and forever.  (It is His right to choose, so that He may be glorified by His works
through them.  Anyone who touches Israel--the people or the land--touches the apple of God's eye.)
All believers in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ) are a part of the family of God and grafted into Israel.
All Israel will be saved.